​Poor Relief

Mission Statement: To provide the basic needs of Welfare Service for the Citizens of Manchester and the general public, the highest quality Local Government Services that falls under the purview of the Manchester Parish Council which are efficient, cost effective and Customer friendly by utilizing available resources in a prudent manner.

This department has an extremely important mandate. The poor of this country are unable to fend for themselves and as such, the state has a duty to see to their well-being. The Poor Relief Department has the mandate to identify the destitute in the parish and seek to give assistance. There are two main types of poor relief services offered. These are the indoor and outdoor poor services. Indoor poor speaks mainly to the elderly and persons with no one liable for them. Outdoor poor functions primarily as the Social Welfare Service of Local Government as it is funded by a grant from Central Government. Persons in the parish who are entitled to relief are those who are in a state of destitution and are unable to work and earn their own means of subsistence.