​Road & Works Department

Mission Statement: To Monitor and maintain all Infrastructure and Superstructure Developments across the Parish inclusive of assistance to all Departments, Councillors and State Agencies in Execution of all Mandates assigned.
Vision Statement: To develop a Standardize Technological based Approval and Monitoring Process that Encourages Economic and Social Growth within Development Zones of the Parish and Enhance Safety on Parochial Roads that will Engender Public Safety.
The mandate of this department is to maintain and construct parochial roads, maintain minor water supplies, maintenance of municipal buildings, maintenance and oversight of Public Sanitary Conveniences, traffic management and for the development /maintenance of public open spaces. This department works closely with the Physical Planning Department to ensure that development is carried out in an orderly manner by carrying out building and subdivision inspections as well as enforcement and approvals. They are responsible for monitoring all works carried out by the Council to ensure that cost overruns are minimized and that work is completed satisfactorily.