Building Fee Calculator

This calculator is a simple tool that can be used to estimate how much you would be required to pay for the processing of a proposed building plan. *PLEASE NOTE THAT THE BUILDING PLAN WILL STILL NEED TO BE ASSESSED BY A BUILDING OFFICER*

Step 1: Enter your building plan's total square feet , then it to total squared meters.
Step 2: Your plan in squared meters is: .
Note: If you already know your building plan in squared meters, skip step 1 and enter it here
Step 3: Rate (per square meter)
Single family dwellings & extensions:$127.00
Apartments/Town Houses/Multi-Family: $228.00
Large/Single family dwellings with 6 bedrooms and over: $173.00.
Petrol filling station: $241.00
School/Church/Day Cares/Hospital/Other: $215.00
Select relevant rate here: $127 $173 $215 $228 $241
Step 4:
Your proposed building fee is .