Municipal & Commerce

This department is headed by the Municipal & Commercial Services Manager

This department is a merging of commercial services and the municipal police. Commercial services manage the self-financing entities of the Council which comprises the markets, arcades, abattoirs, transport centres, cemeteries and shops (miscellaneous). Enforcement, collections and operations also fall under this department. Its mandate is to ensure that the Council’s revenue sources are protected and protocol is followed in its collection to maximize returns.

Municipal Police performs the following functions:

Operations: - to discourage illegal vending mainly in towns as well as other areas in the parish.

Enforcement: - Assist in enforcing the legal placement of billboards and advertisimenet signs

                        -  Monitor amusement activities and ensure that they comply with the relevant regulations

                        -  Monitor and report any buildings or development activities that appear to be illegal

Collections: -  Assist the collectors in safeguarding fees collected

                       Assist in the preparation of notices, reminders and summons for the collection of
                       property tax and trade licences