Gleaner Company Donates Cooler to Manchester Infirmary

In celebration of its 170th anniversary, the Jamaica Gleaner Company ushered in the milestone with a generous donation of a food cooler to the Manchester Infirmary. On Friday, a small contingency from the Manchester Parish Council (the entity responsible for welfare in the parish) recieved the gift with warm smiles and gracious hearts as the Infirmary was well in need of the appliance. Mayor Brenda Ramsay, who had a brief stint at the publishing company in her earlier professional years, was in attendance and welcomed the gesture as a timely and well-needed compliment to the residents of the Infirmary and encouraged others to be mindful of the less fortunate as we approach the festive season.

Mrs. Vivenne Grant, Matron of the Manchester Infirmary, was particularly elated and expressed that the cooler will be put to work immediately to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for the 80 plus individuals who reside there. She stressed the importance of these food groups to the diet and overall well-being of the residents, many being aged. Also present at the handing over ceremony were Secretary Manager Mr. David Parkes and Councillor to the Mandeville Division, Mr. Jones Oliphant.